Background of the Invention

That's me.  I stopped eating sugar and it changed my life. I was fat, tired, unhappy, and unmotivated. I knew it was the sugar that was making me fat and tired all the time. I watched a documentary called "FED UP" on Netflix and it was a serious wake up call. I knew sugar was a huge cause of obesity, diabetes, and heath issues; I just couldn't stop putting sweet stuff in my mouth. I was digging an early grave with my tongue. I couldn't stop.  

My story is pretty common, I was told my whole life that sugar was ok and fat was bad for you. I grew up with a ton of "low fat" food in the pantry. I drank juice, soda, and chocolate milk. I ate cookies, ice cream, and candy. I saw my weight go up as a teen, and skyrocket as an adult until I woke up one day at 317 pounds. I decided that I had to do something. I began reading and watching food documentaries. Fed Up and some of the food documentaries on Netflix had a big effect on me. I began to focus my research on sugar. I decided to commit to a zero-sugar detox and eventually integrate that into an idiot proof style of ketogenic diet. I had an almost impossible time quitting soda (Dr. Pepper was my drug of choice), and it became even more obvious that I was addicted to sugar. I tried to quit sugar and soda, but I could never make it more than 4 days.

 One day I decided that if I could solve this problem for me, I could solve this problem for everyone else also. This greatly motivated me to find a fix. 

 I'm an inventor by trade, fluent in many technologies and skilled at problem solving. I asked myself if sugar was actually the real problem, or was it the tongue? If poison wasn't tasty poison, would it still be killing us? If sugar didn't taste good, would I still eat it? I decided to focus on disabling my taste buds. I knew that if I could hack the taste buds, I could eliminate sugar for good. Eventually, I was able to outsmart the tongue. I created an all natural spray that disabled my sweet taste buds yet allowed me to taste everything else. I enlisted the help of herbalists to make it last longer, taste better, and make people feel better. Using my new invention, I was able to kick my sugar addiction, create a foolproof program for keto, and lose 70 pounds of weight in the first 16 weeks. The first few week I was down 14 pounds, after two weeks I had lost 20 pounds, and then I was hooked on something different... I got addicted to feeling better. Today I'm down 95 pounds and I'm still going.

I want the same success for you. Now that I see it working for my friends, family, and others, it makes me very happy. Stop eating sugar. This one thing will change your life, I promise.