Get Started

Instructions for Sugar Free Me Spray:

Spray 5 times on tongue and hold in mouth for 5 seconds before swallowing. Repeat every 3 hours.

5 Simple Steps to Freedom

Step 1: Understand that sugar is addictive and a system is needed to successfully quit

Step 2: Remove ALL sugar from your house.

-This includes fruit. Sugar is everywhere; be sure to read all labels

Step 3Inform yourself.

-Watch the Resource videos

-Read the studies and success stories

-Know what to expect and the benefits you will soon be experiencing

Step 4Make a daily plan.

For example:

-Always have the spray easily accessible

-Spray your tongue 5 times every 3 hours (set a timer)

-Start the day with a smoothie or high fat / high protein meal (eat enough fat)

-Drink a lot of water

Step 5: Congratulate yourself and celebrate your strength with every spray.

Every day with every spray, you’re feeling better and better! 



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